It is my firm belief that all women, married or single, would benefit from one day on a dating app. Why? Well, because men may judge us based on our looks, and yet they have no self-awareness regarding their own. Yetis with lazy eyes, snaggled teeth, dandruff and wearing clothes from 1983 have messaged me with, “hey babe, want to meet up to hang out?” They have no idea of how horrifying they appear to be. Please don’t judge me for judging. I do not base a person’s ability to be loved on their looks. What I see when I get these messages are, “You couldn’t have shaved? Combed and washed your hair? Put on a shirt from this decade?” THAT’S what I look at. Now, you’re probably thinking, “why in the hell would I benefit from this?” Go look in the mirror. Right now. Do it. What do you see? Do you see a hot chick worthy of everyone’s love? A majority of you won’t. Would you message a stranger with a pick up line looking the way you look at this very second? BECAUSE GUYS ARE!! GUYS HAVE ZERO F*CKS….THEY LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE GODS! So, why don’t we?

Do it girl…get online and get hit on by a yeti. Tell your husband what your doing. I promise you, tomorrow you will wake up feeling a little more confident in yourself.

*I want to thank all the yetis that have messaged me, they are why I barely wear any makeup *



This ones for my mom.

Originally this blog was aimed at taking a satirical look at life as a single mother, with emphasis on the disasters of modern dating. While it seemed like a funny little thing to do as entertainment for myself and friends 2 months ago, it now seems so blaaaahhhh. Who cares. No, I mean seriously, WHO CARES ABOUT DATING. The thing is, I’ve met lots of nice, sensible good men. Many of them have asked me out. All of them have been turned down. For a year now. And I believe its because I’ve gained a lot of insight into myself and came to realize something…I’m actually not nearly as interested as I pretend to be. I’m not putting any effort into anything I can’t be bothered enough to care about. I. Have. Changed. I AM STILL changing. We all are, to some extent, and some of us accept these changes and face them head on. I might be a little late on noticing the things in and around me, but when I do I accept them with eagerness. Right now I’m all into my writing and college classes. I’m into football, both NFL and my kid. I’m into my friends. Maybe even my stupid family. I think what’s important in life isn’t who makes us happy, but how we make ourselves happy.


What constitutes something being real? True? The opposite of fake? In terms of love I think it has to be unconditional and selfless to actually be real. When we put it into those terms, it makes a lot of sense as to why we don’t see it happening more around us. So many people are seeking lust, validation, attention…and it affects our view of love. We perceive the chemical reactions we feel toward a partner as love. We believe a friend that hypes us up frequently is a true friend. To define love you have to humble yourself and realize you may not get anything in return. You have to have a real desire to see that individual through thick and thin despite the possibility of never having them do the same. You have to know when to hang on and when to let go.

In a world where we toss others aside because they don’t return the sentiment, love has became a lost art. And the thing that is sad about this is that acquiring the ability to love unconditionally leads an individual to understanding more about themselves. If you ever find yourself in a position to love another person, just do it. Don’t stress about how they feel; that’s not the point. Forget what society has to say about it and just do it. If it’s real you will both become better individuals for doing so.


In my search for a guy that is financially, mentally and emotionally stable I’ve discovered an interesting thing about the opposite sex, at least the guys around my age. A lot of them don’t have really good friends. A lot of them rely on their wives or children for the emotional bonds that a friend can provide. Many of the single ones would consider the females in their lives to be their good friends. Why? Everyone needs emotional support. Everyone needs a ride or die. Everyone needs someone that can relate to everything. I blame society in large part, because we come from a patriarchal history, and although that’s not legally the case anymore, it’s still alive and well. Men feel the need to be powerful, strong, and providers all of the time. As a result, they frequently do not allow vulnerability to be a character trait. Pride gets in the way of where a friend should be. Could you imagine a world where a man was allowed to be himself, and be vulnerable around other men?

“Must love Nachos”

Everyone, meet Barry. Barry is a member of an online dating community and is looking for the right woman. Barry is older, bald and overweight. Does that stop Barry? Hell no. Barry probably has a lot to offer a woman. He knows it too, that’s why he’s on this site. He has, at the very least, a love for nachos and is happy to share that about himself to a stranger. I kinda like this Barry person. Men, take note. We don’t want your giant biceps, we don’t want you to buy us fancy cars. We just want some nachos.

College has Begun

I won’t go into details about why I’m in college, or where, or what year I’m in. No. I’m simply here to discuss the evil that has been forced upon me by so called experts. Economics. Specifically MACROECONOMICS.

THE PURE IGNORANCE OF THIS CLASS GOES AGAINST MY SOUL. “Oh Lindy. Sounds like you’re the ignorant one.” NO. The damn book even states, “economists often contradict and disagree with each other, and base the process on assumptions.”


Isn’t that also known as “girl logic?” So, basically, an economist can research productivity vs inflation, make a pretty graph and then base an assumption off of this. And take it to the President. Makes total sense if I were to consider how this country has been ran since the 70s. Can we just do away with this whole fkn giant clusterfuck of a concept now? I mean the internet pretty much ensures things will change every second. So the point of paying someone to make assumptions based on research from yesterday is moot.